Sunday, 22 December 2013

Autumn Tree

The tree has grown taller
And the leaves have turned yellow
Under the shadow of the tall tree
She lay her head over his shoulder

Those wrinkled hands 
Tenderly holding her hands

Why has time passed by so fast?
A lot she wants to convey and do
To unfold the odd relationship between the two

Ashna Shareff
December 21, 2013

Sunday, 17 November 2013

On the seashore


Where I shall stand
In my pajamas
With my bare feet
On the sea sand
I will shout your name a hundred times

My voice will travel miles
On the surface of the sea
Like a sailing ship
Standing the storms
And celebrating the sun with the breeze

Until across the sea
On the other side of the seashore


Where you will be standing
Receiving the warmth of my tone

And at the end of our conversation
We shall both smile
Knowing somehow across the distance
We have exchanged echoes of yearning

Ashna Shareff
August 7, 2013


Once I asked the Moon,
How can you stand the solitude?

The Moon smiled to me and said;
"Darling, once I fought for the starts,
I asked for their love and friendship, but they ignored me.
I was sad and I couldn't understand why,
Much time passed, and at the end I realized,
That my brightness & greatness have caused the distance between them and I,
For the sake of their safety."

Ashna Shareff

The Moon and I

The Moon is so big and bright tonight,
Why when I look at it and smile, 
I feel like he smiles back

Is he smiling at our troubles?
Or is he telling us, 
That things are going to be alright..

 Ashna Shareff
 May 24, 2013

A stand on the mountain

As the wind blows
And the sun shines upon my hair

I stand on the peak of the mountain
Everything appears so different here

A glitter of bliss
Sparkles deep within my heart

Where does this happiness come from?

Does it come from the contentment of the mountains?
Or the mother trees 
Bowed, curved, and fallen
To protect their children

Why I seem so happy here?
My tears depart me faster 
Perhaps they just evaporate in the air
Then I am able to gaze off beyond the borders of fear

While I am still standing on the peak
Wore in my white dress
Under the waves of the blue sky
I listen as the mountains whisper in the wind

They whisper of  wintriness
They have sensed in the cold season

They whisper of lonesomeness
In cohesiveness, they have beaten

They whisper of hatred 
They have turned from darkness to heaven 

And I speak of love, hope, and faith
The mountains and I share in common

Ashna Shareff


While I battle
The obscurity nearby me
I find the path shady
& at times, I fall on my knees

Then hope embraces me tight  
And it whispers to me
The moon will shine your path
If you rise your head a bit
The road, you can walk
If once more, you stand on your feet

And yes, it does it for all 
Who truly believe

Ashna shareff
July 31, 2011

A loud voice within a silent heart

I sought in the place where once I began a journey
A place within my vague memories 

I watched, as the colors of my eyes faded away
I listened, as the voice within my heart yelled over in vain

Without a sight,
For years, I lived a life of nights

Without a voice
I spoke the words of my heart

Within the past, present, and unanticipated future
I waited the moment of my own departure 

For it was in silence, that I wept
In solitude, that I fought
& in grief, I died

Dedicated to my Grandfather. Baba Shareff.

Ashna Shareff
July 17, 2011

While you are leaving

Original in your traits and name
In your friendship, a world of fidelity I have made

Though life often has its curls and twists
Yet, the love we carry in our hearts will evermore make it all to our best

So when you feel sad, lonely and down
Look beyond to the White and Blue sky, where hope returns..

Somehow, our departure was meant to be
But our friendship is never-ending

While you are leaving, please don’t say goodbye or farewell
Promise me not to cry, not even a drop of tear

Because wherever you go, no matter how distant your path will be
Remember, behind the borders you’ll fine me..

Ashna Shareff
September 16, 2011



Tonight the light will go off and I write in the darkness
You become my sight and your name shapes for me the letters
I write about how many children you have lost in the battle of losers
And how persistent you were in standing firm against the invaders
I write about the tears Kurds have shed when the heartless creatures bruised you
While smiling and showing strength is what you sought to do
I write about all the years you have gone through trying to forget
About all the pains and the sad memories that you wished to evade

You are my reason
And every Kurd's reason
You are a real country
A map without boundary
You are unbreakable spirit
The kingdom that embraces dignity and merit
Your green land and rivers are so wide
While your mountains stand firm with pride

Today we promise
Regardless to the time and spaces
Regardless to the different colors, backgrounds and accents

We promise
To preserve your soul
To fight for you and achieve your goals

We promise
To tell the world about your story
To refer to your name in every moments of glory

We promise
To conquer our disputes and difference for you sake
To triumph over sadness and progress, we will make

We promise
To embrace your soul and name tight
To write a great Kurdistan in our hearts

Ashna J. Shareff
15/3/ 2010

To my best friend

From this second, I spell out my first confession
Because I know how deeply you care about my confusions

I realize that once I was considered your enemy
And how difficult was it for you to love me

I still remember the day I met you for the first time
How young and sensitive you seemed and how wholly kind

You and I always wondered about life & people
 We didn’t know there was a lot to learn, yet we knew just a little

We shared many sorrow and ventures together
And promised the world to fight for right forever

My best friend…

You showed up to my life and awakened me from my nightmare
You gave me million reasons to believe in friendship 
While helping me to realize that finding one is rare

You always believe in my dreams when many think of them as a lies
And yet, without questioning or even doubting, always walking beside me in my life

You healed my heart just by starting me to sing  
You, my best friend save me from loneliness
And delight me whenever I am sick

My best friend…

I give you my word
No matter what path you and I will take in this world
No force or distance or barriers will ever stop me
From reaching you
Or keeping my promises to you

I am so grateful to have you as a friend
And so sure that our friendship will have no end

Ashna Shareff
September 17, 2009.

I learned

I learned
To use the language of a singer when I express

I learned
To die when I know a person needs to live more than I

I learned
To grill my heart and give it to a person who needs to be nourished

I learned
To smile when a person needs me even if I was crying inside

I learned
To be blind to cover the fault of a person wounded me

I learned
To forgive even when the memories hunt me

I learned
To listen even when I know a person is lying to me

But above all, I learned

To be simple like water
To hold on like a mountain
And to shine up like a flower

July 16, 2012