Sunday, 6 July 2014

A walk on the path of life

The three walked on the unfamiliar path
The path that seemed to have no clear end
But, that which managed to disrupt..

Non cared about the end,
But, that the three had 'One' in common
All connected to one story, yet different destinations

The time, arrived.
The end, arrived
And the three arrived home..


Saturday, 11 January 2014

The angelic voice within

But, my spirit is shattered
I am frightened,
She said...

Come then,
So I can show you 
How to walk through my world...

Ashna Shareff
January 10, 2014

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Autumn Tree

The tree has grown taller
And the leaves have turned yellow
Under the shadow of the tall tree
She lay her head over his shoulder

Those wrinkled hands 
Tenderly holding her hands

Why has time passed by so fast?
A lot she wants to convey and do
To unfold the odd relationship between the two

Ashna Shareff
December 21, 2013

Sunday, 17 November 2013

On the seashore


Where I shall stand
In my pajamas
With my bare feet
On the sea sand
I will shout your name a hundred times

My voice will travel miles
On the surface of the sea
Like a sailing ship
Standing the storms
And celebrating the sun with the breeze

Until across the sea
On the other side of the seashore


Where you will be standing
Receiving the warmth of my tone

And at the end of our conversation
We shall both smile
Knowing somehow across the distance
We have exchanged echoes of yearning

Ashna Shareff
August 7, 2013


Once I asked the Moon,
How can you stand the solitude?

The Moon smiled to me and said;
"Darling, once I fought for the starts,
I asked for their love and friendship, but they ignored me.
I was sad and I couldn't understand why,
Much time passed, and at the end I realized,
That my brightness & greatness have caused the distance between them and I,
For the sake of their safety."

Ashna Shareff

The Moon and I

The Moon is so big and bright tonight,
Why when I look at it and smile, 
I feel like he smiles back

Is he smiling at our troubles?
Or is he telling us, 
That things are going to be alright..

 Ashna Shareff
 May 24, 2013

A stand on the mountain

As the wind blows
And the sun shines upon my hair

I stand on the peak of the mountain
Everything appears so different here

A glitter of bliss
Sparkles deep within my heart

Where does this happiness come from?

Does it come from the contentment of the mountains?
Or the mother trees 
Bowed, curved, and fallen
To protect their children

Why I seem so happy here?
My tears depart me faster 
Perhaps they just evaporate in the air
Then I am able to gaze off beyond the borders of fear

While I am still standing on the peak
Wore in my white dress
Under the waves of the blue sky
I listen as the mountains whisper in the wind

They whisper of  wintriness
They have sensed in the cold season

They whisper of lonesomeness
In cohesiveness, they have beaten

They whisper of hatred 
They have turned from darkness to heaven 

And I speak of love, hope, and faith
The mountains and I share in common

Ashna Shareff