Sunday, 17 November 2013

To my best friend

From this second, I spell out my first confession
Because I know how deeply you care about my confusions

I realize that once I was considered your enemy
And how difficult was it for you to love me

I still remember the day I met you for the first time
How young and sensitive you seemed and how wholly kind

You and I always wondered about life & people
 We didn’t know there was a lot to learn, yet we knew just a little

We shared many sorrow and ventures together
And promised the world to fight for right forever

My best friend…

You showed up to my life and awakened me from my nightmare
You gave me million reasons to believe in friendship 
While helping me to realize that finding one is rare

You always believe in my dreams when many think of them as a lies
And yet, without questioning or even doubting, always walking beside me in my life

You healed my heart just by starting me to sing  
You, my best friend save me from loneliness
And delight me whenever I am sick

My best friend…

I give you my word
No matter what path you and I will take in this world
No force or distance or barriers will ever stop me
From reaching you
Or keeping my promises to you

I am so grateful to have you as a friend
And so sure that our friendship will have no end

Ashna Shareff
September 17, 2009.