Sunday, 17 November 2013



Tonight the light will go off and I write in the darkness
You become my sight and your name shapes for me the letters
I write about how many children you have lost in the battle of losers
And how persistent you were in standing firm against the invaders
I write about the tears Kurds have shed when the heartless creatures bruised you
While smiling and showing strength is what you sought to do
I write about all the years you have gone through trying to forget
About all the pains and the sad memories that you wished to evade

You are my reason
And every Kurd's reason
You are a real country
A map without boundary
You are unbreakable spirit
The kingdom that embraces dignity and merit
Your green land and rivers are so wide
While your mountains stand firm with pride

Today we promise
Regardless to the time and spaces
Regardless to the different colors, backgrounds and accents

We promise
To preserve your soul
To fight for you and achieve your goals

We promise
To tell the world about your story
To refer to your name in every moments of glory

We promise
To conquer our disputes and difference for you sake
To triumph over sadness and progress, we will make

We promise
To embrace your soul and name tight
To write a great Kurdistan in our hearts

Ashna J. Shareff
15/3/ 2010